Since 1983, engineers have relied on ENERCALC's industry leading software solutions to perform structural design and analysis for low to mid rise buildings.

Our collection of dozens of modules is a proven solution to all the typical, repetitive and daily design tasks performed by engineers and architects.

As engineers ourselves we understand the full spectrum of the design process. By carefully combining building code provisions, proven analysis techniques, and standard materials into simple and elegant software, you can quickly design, analyze, or optimize all your daily design tasks.

Now in its sixth major revision and supporting all of the latest building codes and design standards, Version 6 of the Structural Engineering Library is more capable, more flexible and easier to use than ever before. It was redesigned and rewritten from scratch to give a platform to build upon for another 25 years, and it is one of the three components to our newest offering, ENERCALC SE.

Combining a proven reputation, long company history, low price, widespread usage and now CLOUD usage options, ENERCALC offers one of (if not the) most widely used structural engineering software package in the United States.